We have all had numerous conversations with different people but there are those that stand out,the ones that make you feel satisfied or complete.Well nothing beats a 2 AM conversation whether its over text📱📲 or face to face.

2 AM conversation are the best you can ever have.You may wonder why am saying this; lemme backup my argument.
The absolute best, deepest conversations always happen late at night.

There’s a reason why romance begins with conversations over text at 2 AM.During the day there are barriers that we all put up, barriers that guard our deepest thoughts, secrets, passion,ability to knowing each other.

You see at 2 AM there is absence of light and people.Businesses have clossed their doors and people are already snoring and the world falls asleep.During this time we are able to lower our guards down bit by bit,demolishing the walls we have build brick by brick and reveal who we truly are.

Our souls are awake when the world is asleep.there is a sense of rebelliousness,you are awake while the world is asleep.There’s an excitement in staying up into the night and when you have someone to share this feeling with, it becomes even better.

At 2 AM we are able to who we really would be without fear of societies judgment.We’re able to skip the necessary pleasantries, the chats about the weather, the whereabouts of people,campus life and get into the marrow of it all.

We are able to temporarily cast aside all our worries aside,our lack of belief in ourselves – we spend the whole day putting up a brave act of having your shit together. We dream and then you tuck those dreams away because the daylight illuminates the reality. Isn’t that how we all live, in a big facade, pretending things are going okay for us? But at 2 AM, you can finally let that act end because no one’s watching…At 2 AM, we’re able to live.

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There i was this girl i kept seeing almost each day.We never talked we would just pass each other.In my mind i was sure she noticed me noticing her.

I discovered that the girl who almost, always seemed to have it all was a sum of her fears and anxieties, just like me.On that night we found ourselves sitting outside while a party was going on.

We began to talk  she expressed her fear of being alone,how lonely she was even though she had a huge cirle of friends. She was going through everything a normal teen undergoes.She had a fear of loving.

She had lowered her guards and at one point seemed totally vulnerable. I looked at her from a different point of view.We exchanged childhood stories that built us,talked about our past romances and the baggage we carry from those relationships.

Every time i mentioned something that we have in common  her face light up.And to know that there is someone out there even if its a single person who has the same thought process as you is a wonderful feeling isn’t it?

I saw an innocent girl whom was everything that i was looking for.We just sat there in silence looking at the stars.I held her hands and she leaned her head on my shoulders.All i could do was reassure her that everything would be fine.💑

From all my years of somehow awkwardly dating i discovered one thing that the easiest way to know a person isn’t over dinner or date but by just having a really late night conversation.I mean, of course, a date over lunch or dinner really tells you if you can have a conversation with the other person or not. Just try and have a late night conversation🌃 with someone and trust me it will feel different from all your other conversations


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