19 Wishes


The title sounds corny but ohh well I had to find an awesome thumbnail (this a YouTube word though 😹)

I just turned 19 today (still a teen). Happy birthday to me. I was born in the njaaanuary times(Kenyan saying). Ohh well phweks I’ve survived my ass off those years.

I won’t do something special on this day but work on this post and attend my four classes. ( Don’t give me that look like gal just skive😹) I just have a lotta work right now.

For those who know me in person know that am not really a birthday kinda gal😂

So basically No party, No blast, No awesomeness. But hey, I’m more than happy….

You’ll get to know as you read this post of the lessons I value the most in my life.

  1. Success is the sweetest Revenge

The best way to take your revenge is to become successful in life. Well that’s not illegal or harmful and I tell you it’s the best of all.you only have to have it in mind and tell your enemy ” I’m your biggest nightmare now. The countdown starts now”


2.Happiness is a choice

Its all about how you perceive and interpret the things happening to and around you.

When it rains,you can either choose to be Sad or you can choose to be happy by enjoying the nature’s magical creation. Listen to it’s sound,observe the change in atmosphere,be happy by wondering how beautiful the rain is.

Gratitude is the key to happiness

3.SHIT happens

Its a law of nature that bad things will always happen. While you learn,while you grow,while you make and while you live-SHIT happens. You might fall so hard to the ground that you’ll think it’s the end of the world. But hey,it seems the world doesn’t end at all. So,brace yourself and know that bad things happening is just a part of your life.

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4.HATERS will always be looking

People who are jealous or don’t want you to succeed in life are always there. But hey,do you even care just do your thing.

The bitter truth is that, you’re alone in this ride and putting complete trust on others is the worst thing you can do to yourself.

5.People don’t give a SHIT

Let me tell you one thing hehe peeps don’t care a hoots about what you do at all. They just act like they always. This isn’t because they are mean or hurtful,but simply because they are mostly focused on themselves. It’s your life do what you want.

6.Live the present

You regret alot about the past and worry a lot about the future that you forget to live the present. Take a moment,pause and think. Aren’t you just existing? Are you really living the present?

I’m sorry to question you with something that will definitely make you sad . But it’s high time you started living in the present.

7.Problems?? Think ahead

Failed a cat?(definitely) Afraid to face someone?( Woi woi!!)

Well..that’s gonna be some problem for sure. But, whenever you come across one,you gotta think long term. Ask yourself “is this problem gonna affect me after a week,a month,or maybe after an year?”

8.Where you are matters alot

Your past experiences, surrounding and what you see makes who you are. Altering your environment is the best way to alter yourself.If your company is just a bunch of lazy assholes,there’s a good chance that you’re one too. Surround yourself with the kind of people you admire.

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9.Time is the most valuable thing

Think about all those times you wasted procastinating and doing nothing.Think about how your life would be if you had used those time to be fullest? You are not gonna get it back. And trust me,you will regret wasting it. ( This really hit me in my anatomy class when the lecturer asked me a bunch of questions I had no idea off causing him to prepare a cat)

Hello loves 😍😍

I’ll be posting once in a week for sure.

Keep it Kenyan 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪

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