10 Inappropriate Questions We Wish We Could Ask On The First Date

10 Inappropriate Questions We Wish We Could Ask On The First Date

First dates are just like job interviews. We have to ask the right questions and make sure the person isn’t a psychopath or a stage-five clinger. However, there is still some first date etiquette that we should abide by.

Unfortunately, there are also certain questions that we want to get answers for, but it’s way too soon to ask. Truly getting to know someone takes time, but some things are better to find out sooner rather than later.

Here are all the inappropriate questions that you should always ask.

When Was The Last Time You Got Tested?”

If you find yourselves talking about something sexy or your health — it is totally legit to ask this question. This question gauges your date on how serious they are about their sexual health.

If they react with shock or judgement, it’s a red flag that they might not take safety as seriously as you do.

What’s your body count?

Always the scariest thought. Some couples go throughout their entire relationships without ever knowing their partner’s body count, which is completely understandable. It could either be very low or very high, but once you know, there’s no way of un-knowing.

Do you or have you ever had any STD?

This is a crucial question, because safety comes first, right? You may like her, but not enough to contract an STD. Better to be safe than sorry.

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Are you only on this date because of the free food and drinks or you actually like me?

We are all curious about other people’s intentions. This is a question that not many will think of asking because it’s so inappropriate. For people who don’t want to waste time, this is a question that you should ask.

When was the last time you had sex?

There are two types of girls.

  • a) Those who only fuck when in a relationship
  • b) Those who fuck any good dick that they can find.

How she answers this question will determine who she is. Is she an A girl or a B girl.

Are you actually interested in seriously dating someone right now?

Some people date for fun and some people really are looking for love, but you never know. You could be on two opposite wavelengths, but it’s always nice to be on the same page even if they’re not “The One”.

Sex with CD or sex without?

Personally I will ask this question. If I don’t ask then I’m not that invested in you. I need to know if you’ve been playing it safe or you’ve been having safe raw sex.

Safe raw sex is whereby you and every guy that you fuck test yourselves using this HIV/AIDS self test kits.

Are you on any family planning method?

Most girls are ditching condoms and relying on different contraceptives to prevent pregnancies. If you are serious with any girl this is a question that you should ask….

How many people are you currently dating or how many people are dating you?

These days, everyone is dating everyone. I don’t know what ever happened to monogamy, but it’s definitely not a common thing anymore. It’s a small world and that other person could very well be someone you know.

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How many people are you currently fucking?

Maybe they are not dating other people, but they may be hooking up with different people and you’re just another addition to their hit squad.

I’m I fuckable?

All women decide within the first minute of meeting a man if they can fuck him or not. If you ask this question you can easily find out how she sees you.

You don’t have any weird fetishes or hobbies, right?

I mean, after Fifty Shades of Grey, we kind of have to ask…

There are so many questions that you could ask but I suggest you start with these. The rest you can ask later.

Ladies if you want to get some really dumb ass answers just ask him this question.

Why do you want to fuck me?

Since you’re here…

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